Italian Flavors & Colors

Livera turn to importers or distributors of gourmet products lovers of Italian food.
Spaghetti, fusilli or penne both colored with spices and natural aromas or bronze dyed are a real example of taste and Italian colors made to be distributed in shops, in delicatessens and supermarkets throughout the world.
Production processes go through the artisanal tradition and the selection of raw products and of the Durum wheat, water occur exclusively in Italy.

Our lines

Strength and tradition for demanding consumers seeking quality and elegance without compromise.

Simplicity and concreteness for dynamic consumers seeking taste and goodness to share with loved ones.

Joy and color for sophisticated consumers full of energy always ready to party.

Products to promote the culture of health in respect of the environment through quality research.

News & Events

18 September 2018

Christmas Gift

For Christmas give yourself a fancy basket LIVERA GIFT. You will make your friends and family happy
8 August 2018

Farfalle with ham and melon

We have always had a strong passion for sea! Here we are with a new recipe ideal for both summer and spring season. FARFALLE WITH HAM […]

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