Livera Philosophy: the real italian artisan pasta

Livera’s philosophy is an integral part of daily work of all of us. It can be summarized in three very clear principles:


Simplicity - Means the continuous search of authentic tastes, the continuous selection of basic ingredients of the Italian cuisine. Exploit the experience and competence and putting them to everyone’s disposal. Communicate to consumers directly on the packaging all the necessary information for a correct use of the product in order to cook with ease and taste in any part of the world.


Goodness - For us means to work the products slowly respecting the original characteristics of the ingredients. The soft processing favors the taste and enhances the colors and flavor. Provide Italian creativeness with the ability and capability to merge few simple ingredients to achieve a pleasant moment of delight. Integrate the Italian cuisine ingredients with products easily available in the kitchens throughout the world.  


Ethics - This is the principle proposition to which we all aspire. Livera products are made in compliance to all the regulations and Italian tradition. The environment is respectful of the needs of each individual worker who is valued for his qualities and characteristics. The quality systems and manufacturing processes are certified by internationally recognized institutions. To respect the consumer, packs are printed quoting clearly legible all the information and instructions in the original language.