Wholesale pasta Livera: ITALIAN FLAVORS AND COLORS

Livera means "era of life".  All our products have ancient origins and have always been cultivated and processed in Italy.

Are you a wholesale pasta seeker? Livera is the reply to your expectations. 

The artisanal pasta of our production, extra virgin olive oil, condiments and spices are part of the Mediterranean Diet. 

Livera is a lot more than simple ingredients of the Italian cuisine, it's a nutritional model which has remained stable in time.  The conviviality, the happiness, the strong feeling of fellowship that spawns during a dinner are a integral part of Italian tradition.  Spaghetti, fusilli or penne both colored with spices and natural aromas or bronze dyed are a real example of taste and Italian colors made to be distributed in shops, in delicatessens and supermarkets throughout the world.  We turn to importers or distributors of gourmet products lovers of Italian food. 

Production processes go through the artisanal tradition and the selection of raw products and of the Durum wheat, occur exclusively in Italy. 

Livera has combined a line of wholesale pasta products ideal for supermarkets, self service shops and professional food service.